Friday, December 14, 2007


These two little guys are on their way to their new home via Canada Post. Christmas morning they get to meet a special brother and sister.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Off the Needles

I love to knit socks for a few reasons. Self patterning yarn keeps a simple knit interesting. They're portable and I love the fine yarn and needles. I have one more pair of socks on the go, and I just finished off this pair. I think I need a change though, so I've found a book with some mitten patterns I'd like to try. I'm so excited by the idea! Oh, my lovely neighbor, who is ten years old happened to be visiting and was kind enough to be my model.

Thank you S!

I thought I would add this particular picture of me, since this is a post about socks and mittens. What am I wearing on my hands? I suspect there were several pairs of wet mittens already drying over the heating vent that day.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Halloween Baby

Isaac ... 1988-2003

My son Isaac was born on Halloween. I don't usually write about him here. One day I plan on scanning all the photos and drawings and making a blog for him. I probably have hundreds of drawings that he did. He drew a lot. I don't think he did it to make a finished picture. It was one of the ways he played. He created battles and fantastical creatures with mystical powers. Once, when he was very little he asked if he could have explosions for Christmas. I think he meant fireworks. Tonight I took a little walk around the neighborhood, to see the kids in their costumes, to watch fireworks in our little park, to remember that thrill of being out in the dark at that age, and imagining the possibility of the supernatural.

Happy Halloween my Son

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sock Monkeys

I've added two new additions to the monkey family this weekend. This is a little peek. After all they are naked! You'll get to see more when they have names and are dressed and have eyelashes and hats and all that.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Show and Tell Time

I picked this up today at Value Village.

Listen to these names... Sister Mary Providence, (well, she's a Sister after all) Mrs. Edward Cridge and Mrs. Thomas Blinkhorn. There are a few more good ones, Madame L'Hotelier, Mrs. R. B. McMicking, Lady Trutch.

I still have sock monkeys on the brain, and I'm thinking these would be very good names for them.

I like the little quote in the front of the book; The History of a Country is written from the lives of Men, but from the lives of the Women we learn best of a Nation's soul.

I also got this sweater and skirt. Just too bad neither of them fit me. I wanted the skirt for a quilt, but someone in this household seems to fit into it quite nicely. Damn. And the sweater... hmm, possibly a pillow.

Oh, one more thing... I'm sure you're as inspired by Amy, of Angry Chicken as I am. I love her that much more after listening to her interview on Craftcast. Reading blogs are wonderful, but to hear someone speak... well, it gives you that much more of a feel for the person. She was inspiring and uplifting. It was a fun insightful interview. Thanks Amy!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I got a chance to visit Ontario again this summer and I loved it.
I also actually loved the heavy, humid summer air, knowing it would be a short time before I would be back on the West Coast again. OH, and the country side, man, I miss the country side!
Besides seeing family and friends, I got to spend real time with my daughter. That really was the highlight. Funny isn't it, someone you see just about everyday at home, but not really being with them.
And now, it's back to the rain, here in Vancouver. That's ok. It means cozy time indoors and maybe back to a little knitting.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Make More Lists

Here is a partial list of things I want to do. You will notice that blogging is down there, somewhere on my list. Yea for me! See, I'm doing it!
  • learn to use the link thingy again
  • organize all of my paperwork, especially anything work related or financial
  • not miss any of The Office
  • menu plan and cook, (at least 4 days a week) so I can eat real food when I come home from work. Yes, OK, I'm doing it for my daughter too.
  • either go back to the gym (after not showing my face there for 8 months) or drop my contract
  • make a sock monkey, something as great as this!
  • re-finish/paint one dresser, one desk, and one book shelf
  • hem one set of curtains and de-hem another pair (that shrank in the wash)
  • figure out how to let the cats come and go, to use the litter box on the balcony, with out letting in all of the cold air
  • finish knitting a shawl that I started last year, so I don't freeze with all the cold air in here
  • organize all of my craft stuff. Lara is my inspiration!
  • finish reading Lara's archives. I have about one month left. She's funny!
  • continue ripping favorite pages out of every last one of my decor magazines. (ok, not every magazine!)
  • continue gluing said favorite pages into designated scrap book and making collage type pictures out of them. More on this later!
  • figure out how to use my ipod, again
  • make another apron for tie one on
  • make a dentist appointment
  • catch up on correspondence. That means letters, phone calls, parcels, email, facebook, fickr, and my blog, amongst others.
  • organize my pictures
  • continue buying scissors at record breaking deals, (at certain secret thrift stores) thanks to all of this, no sharp instruments on the airplanes business began
  • make more lists

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Go Fly a Kite!

It was a cold, windy day, so I sat in the car, listened to CBC radio and worked on my Yo-Yo's. You may be wondering what that thing is in the sky. Well, it will explain why I haven't been posting here. It's a big kite, (called a power kite) and people use them to get pulled around on boards in the water, (like a little surf board with foot straps) or land boards (like a big skate board, with straps) or a buggy. That was back in the day, before I was totally hooked. Now look at me!

That's right, my new hobby has put everything else on hold! This may not look impressive, but trust me, you can get going pretty fast. I do wear a helmet now.

Some of the daredevils do impressive jumps!

Even the best at flying do the kite in the tree trick!
So there you have it. When the rains come again, I'll get back to my knitting.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Red, Yellow, Turquoise

I got these glasses at Value Village yesterday, still a deal at a buck each. I went looking for turquoise fabric. Do you realize how rare that colour is now a days? I did find the yellow curtain though. All washed up and fresh now. I think it would make a nice heavy weight apron. Oh, the pot holders I got there last month. Aren't they great? I wouldn't mind finding the crochet pattern, if anyone could help me out on that one.

They look right at home here. Hmm, I'm not liking that white wall.

OK, so these are the colours I'm into right now. The solid turquoise is quite a large piece of nice, heavy, cotton, but it's too bright for me. I tried bleaching it but I'm wondering if there's a better way? The patterned turquoise is new fabric, as is the polka dot. The plaid, is a men's shirt, (thrifted). Maybe I'll throw a little pink in the mix. It sure works above! By the way, the label above comes from a Dover, Old-Time Label Art book. ( Permission-Free designs )

One last shot... This is a store window in Steveston. I love this colour combo. Steveston has great, windy, open space for kite flying, something I do almost every weekend with my sweetheart. I'll show you sometime.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Haircut

Hey, It's Me!

Like a lot of people, I'm critical of pictures of myself, but this one is OK! I've had several haircuts this past little while. I went to a great hairdresser, got a good cut... but oh my, the fussing and fiddling I had to do to make it do what it was supposed to. We looked at pictures and picked a haircut together. Then she warned me that I would have to use "product" and I said "I promise", but after a week I went mad, got a cheapo haircut, and hated it. Suffice to say I had a bit of a mullet. My daughter who does not cut hair fixed it that night. I totally trusted her judgment. Pretty good for NO experience. Now to find a hairdresser, one I can just stick with....

Oh, here's the most recent thing I've made besides supper. The panel is a pocket with lining and interfacing! The bag itself is lined in a similar coloured, tiny flower print fabric. Trust me, it looks good, but I don't have a picture of its innards. Need I say it was for my daughter? And guess what she told me recently? One day, she wants to have a...

The photos really don't do this blanket justice. No, I didn't make it, I scored at a rummage sale. It's a beautiful, soft, creamy wool and has a feeling of age about it. Here's a little closeup...

Pretty scalloped edging too.

I hope every one is having a good week.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Fabric for the Stash

Yippy! I have some wonderful new fabric to inspire me for some spring sewing. I've been hunting the past few weeks, got pieces here and there, then hit payload yesterday at a bazaar and a few shops. See!

The summery oranges and greens remind me of Popsicles and swimming on a hot day.

Too cute! Eventually I want do some paintings based on fabric prints.

I'm not sure if I will make bags, aprons, baby quilts, bigger quilts or summer skirts. It's been a fun day playing with colour combinations and getting ideas though.

I have quite a bit more to show, as well as another finished project, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Quilt

I was reading statistics about blogs in the paper today and one of the thing mentioned, was that once you create one you must keep feeding the beast on a regular basis, otherwise your readership plummets. Oh what the hell, I'm not looking for fame. So on to my projects OK?
Hmm, what shall I do with this fabric?

A quilt you say?

It worked out pretty well I think, and fast too! Mind you it's just the top. I want to hand quilt it but I want it to be portable, you know, take it on a picnic. So if anyone has pointers on using a quilting hoop, I would greatly appreciate any advice.

I'm not worried about being too precious about it, since it will be my first hand quilting and sort of a practice piece. Hell, I didn't even cut the fabric, I tore the strips. I'm going to use cotton batting rather than polyester for the fill. I like the look of the old flat quilts rather than the puffy guys.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crappy Procrastination!

What a crappy blogger!
I suppose I have some perfectionist tendencies and in some cases that would be considered an attribute but in most cases it's not! Like hearing myself say this. "Not posting because I don't have a picture to add. Don't have a good picture. Don't have a picture of a recent project. Project's ends aren't woven in. Who wants to see another sock! Don't have anything witty to say. Blah blah blah." Or...the procrastinator. "Damn, I haven't posted for a month! Ignore it and it will go away!" Or... "It's too late now!"

Not that blogging hasn't changed things for me in great ways and that I really, really do like blogging!
I just get busy or overwhelmed or lazy or whatever. I not only bugger up the momentum and the connections and communication and such, I feel guilty! I suppose there is a certain amount of responsibility to having a blog and letting people know you are on a break, huh? See, I'm still learning!

I do have to say that after Christmas, well for quite a long time now, I've been sick and tired of feeling old and tired (and fatter than I like). With nothing to do with any new year resolution, I actually joined a gym! I have been going now, faithfully, for about a month, with the exception of this past week, due to painful eyeballs, fever and chills, pounding sinus pressure...get the idea? So anyway, prior to finally succumbing to the dreadful flu that everyone in Vancouver seems to have been passing around, I have increased my energy tenfold! Not only that I've lost about five pounds due to my renewed conscientious healthy food choices. Well, and all that exercise!

So, let's see if I can do it all! Take reasonable care of a household and a teenage daughter (who really takes care of herself), two cats, a part time-on call job, maintain a workout routine and a blog! So long as it doesn't cut into crappy TV viewing, like the best ever reality show finale, Beauty and the Geek! Wasn't that great!